This is probably still current as my #1 favorite song. There’s just something about it.

But, I could roll on down the shore all day long on the NJ turnpike, then the Parkway, windows down, smell of salt air, hot breeze, and this song on a constant loop.

Roland shared this:

I mean that track has just got a life of its own. It’s crazy, I mean, it was always popular, but then… I did an interview with Reuters or something like that, a while back, with this lady who went on Spotify and worked out that there are about 140 cover versions of that song; I mean, from Don Henley to Patti Smith, to Weezer, to Lorde, obviously. It’s crazy, it’s one of those songs, isn’t it? [ ] There’s something intrinsic to it, you know, it’s just, it’s got a magic quality and so damn bloody simple.

A magic quality and so bloody simple. Like we wish life was.

Happy Spring….

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