Here at DPP, we don’t want your money on giving Tuesday.

We want what all writers want… to be read.

How do you let a writer know you read his or her book?

You write a review.

I’ll never forget… soon after MOSQUITOES AND MEN went on sale author Mark Polo said to me, “Someone read it! Someone in Texas read it, and she wrote a review!” He was thrilled. If Amazon allowed him to have her email or address, he would have written her a thank you note. If she was local, they’d be best friends by now.

It’s not the purchase; no one is getting rich off of their books if they’re not at the level of Stephen King, but, also, let’s be frank, Stephen King doesn’t care if YOU read his book or not.

We do care.

We need you to help out our writers by letting them know that, yes, they should write; their words matter to you; you are reading.

So, this Giving Tuesday, while everyone wants you to empty your wallet, we are asking only that you take a moment to leave a review, on Amazon or Goodreads, to let our writers know that, somewhere out there in the big wide world, maybe in Texas, someone is reading.

Thanks so much for your support for the continued artistic lives and creations of older authors.



36 – Suspense and/or Thriller / Taking a photograph / victory #1 – ”Sieg” by Dianne Pearce

So, whaa at….?

I advanced to the next round? And I came in first in my category?

Could it be that the women who writes the world’s longest poems has a knack for really short short-stories?

Well, who knows.

All I know is… this one worked.


I so-badly needed this this week.

Now it’s time for some Lou Rawls….






One of my proudest moments as an editor… helping Fred get his book published.

Fred had been trying for 20+ years to publish his book. His wife worked with Dave at Lippincott publishing, and she asked Dave if he knew anyone who could help Fred with some editing. I stepped in as a work-for-hire (I think it was a penny a word), and when Fred and I were done Mercer University Press picked the book up immediately.

What was Fred’s problem, in trying to sell his memoir? Honestly, he had written too little. And so, when I got the book, what I found myself doing was asking questions: Then what happened? Where are they now? How did that situation happen? How did it resolve? And then I helped Fred to weave these additional stories into his book.

Editing is not always about cutting. Sometimes it’s about adding, about knowing what is missing, and it is a very close relationship as I try to help someone say what they really want and need to say.

The book, as I said, was a work for hire, so, when we were finished, Fred went on to successfully publish, on his own (and I didn’t have DPP then anyway). It’s not that the editor owns or has any claim to the work, not at all. The editor is like the solvent that frees the gem from rock, but once free, the gem shines purely because it is a gem.

One side note… editing this book brought me close to the Holocaust in a way nothing else has. With so many of Fred’s relatives the answer to “Where are they now?” or “What happened to them?” was “No one knows.”

If you are interested in true stories of the holocaust and survival, you’ll certainly enjoy One Step Ahead of Hitler.


halloween 19

Thought I’d share my poem with you for Halloween! Don’t get too scared. 😉

Razors And Apples For My Love

Razors and apples, Dear, treats so unique

they carve they some happiness into your cheek.

Kisses of chocolate injected with strychnine

a dearest depart for my sweet valentine.

Another delicious thing cause you to swoon 

to be disemboweled by the light of the moon.

So silly, when you said, “You’re not in my heart.”

when you know, my darling, we never will part.

I love you so truly so deep so sincere

I’ll make for you presents of all of your fears.

On Halloween night, so strong and so brave

our true love will take us both right to the grave.

Razors and apples, Dear, dead flowers too-

there’s no one alive who I love more than you.


When I was a kid, everyone was worried about finding razor blades in their apples. The upside to this is that we stopped getting stupid fruit when we went trick or treating. For this, I remain eternally grateful to the psychopaths of the world.


IMG_8715I know what my mother would have said, “I don’t need to go camping.”

Well, in all honesty, I don’t need to wrestle with sleep and two sore hips on the hard ground all night, but, c’mon, it’s family time.

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So, we camped, this weekend, our first time doing so without anyone else but the three of us, and Oilver’s first time to camp ever. IMG_9856Oliver has decided that he really really wants to get a squirrel, and he really doesn’t like other dogs, and he really does like snuggling with Mom, and he doesn’t mind sleeping in a tent on the ground. IMG_2041.JPGLucky dog! IMG_1975I slept on top of two sleeping bags and still my darn hips hurt. I think that aging should be reserved for the very young. During the day, when we weren’t walking through the park, Oliver would dig himself a little pit under the picnic table, and lay in the dirt. Still a wild animal in his heart~

We went to Cape Henlopen State Park, which is beautiful.

The weekend before Halloween they always have a trick or treat trail for the kids, so Sophie wore her costume. She is going to be a deer this year (and I didn’t get a photo of that! damn!). I did want to buy Sophie this adorable baseball cap, but she refused to wear it. IMG_9488

It was super damp all week and this weekend, so it was tough to get fires going, but the cheeseburgers were yummy, and the hanging out, just the three (& dog) of us, was a lot of fun.

We successfully erected the tent, took the dog, read the map, and used the compass! We’re ready for anything…. as long as we have coffee… IMG_1382and each other.





At their best, it’s hard to believe there is any other kind of music besides this simple, graceful, chiming chug — the Guardian

Dean Wareham has an unlikely quiver of a voice that, for whatever ungodly reason, sounds as if he’s survived something his music alludes to but never gives away — Jerry Stahl

One of indie rocks’ most beloved live acts — Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

One of Dianne Pearce’s most beloved acts – Dianne Pearce

I remember, in my late 20s, hearing Tiger Lily Girl played on the radio. From that moment on I have loved Dean and his band.

My favorite song is probably “Dear Diary.”

So try a little Luna, won’t you? And see what makes them just so charming 🙂