~ Excerpt From “Maria de Jesus (Hibernaculum employee) part 1” ~

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“Okay Mr. Pepik, now I’m gonna wash your piu-piu. Do excuse me.” 

Maria de Jesus tore the seal on the patient’s catheter diapers and very carefully inched the soiled pad out from under him, replacing it deftly with a towel. Mr. Michael Pepik had a catheter tube running from the eye of his penis, and Maria de Jesus began by wiping it down. She then raised her arm into the air and said “Turn.” After a couple of seconds, a large man came shuffling over with a broad smile. “

~ Excerpt From “Maria de Jesus (Hibernaculum employee) part 1” ~

That chapter, no joke, is the creepiest little chapter. Read it… if you dare.


So Amy is this cool woman I met on Facebook, who is a never-stop entrepreneur like me, working her shapely fanny off every day at her business, and then… going home and writing a damn novel! What?

I was so impressed with Amy’s hustle, and her writing too, that we decided to publish her. Two women entrepreneurs getting it done together!
I am so pleased (with the help of my indefatigable spouse, Dave) to launch the first book in the Maidskill Mystery Series, JUST A HOUSECLEANER, a cozy series by Amy Willard:

When Patsy finds her friend and client, Ronnie, has passed away in her living room, Patsy’s only thought is how to take care of Ronnie’s dog and estate. But someone in Ronnie’s life has other ideas. Can Patsy, still grieving the loss of her friend, help save her friend’s estate?

View the official book trailer:

The paperback is coming in the fall, but you can start reading the book right now, FREE, on Kindle Vella!


(not to be weird, but isn’t she cute? I am not as photogenic as Amy!)

Amy is a lifelong entrepreneur who currently runs her own housecleaning business, FOR REALS! And is starting down the cosy mystery path with JUST A HOUSECLEANER, her first book, but the second one is almost done!

See an interview with Amy too!

And she was nice enough to mention me, for which I am very grateful. Hire me as your editor folks! I’m not half bad at it!

Amy is just the greatest, and that’s what’s so wonderful about being a publisher and an editor, meeting creative fun people, who work hard, get it done, and you just wanna hang out with them, all the time. Amy and I, if we were in the same town, forget it! Ain’t nuthin’ gettin’ done. Luckily, we’re several states away from each other. But we are simpatico!

Good luck Amy! I hope your book knocks it out of the park!

Alright y’all, give Amy a read! Or visit her blog, at least!


Apparently it’s not a what, but a WHO: David Fulcher!

Have you read any of David’s work?

In addition to running and publishing Samsara magazine, David also publishes short stories and poems!

You can check out these for free, by clicking on the photo:

And how about some David video?

Or listen to a tale of terror, if you dare!

Hockey fans, I believe David is a goalie. Impressive!
BTW, I grew up with a brother who loved loved loved hockey. Go Flyers!


Congratulations to OLD SCRATCH PRESS founding member Morgan Golladay, whose poem “The Day Arose Cold,” featured in Solstice, was a Delaware Press Award winner.


The Day Arose Cold

The sun rose
into a pink sky, 
to gain strength
before entering this frozen day.
Yesterday’s snow
is untrodden
by the small ones,
searching for food.
Even squirrels
have forsaken their branches
for warmth and safety
in their leafy nests.
Would that I, too, could stay,
snug and cozy,
but there is snow to move,
feed to put out,
animals to tend.