Bye-Bye Love

In December of 2019 we were so lucky to be allowed to take Addie (named for Atticus Finch by her original owners) home from the school Sophie was going to. And I was so unhappy to have to take her back after the holiday break. Then along came COVID and Addie came home with us for that break, which turned into forever!

We were so lucky to have this wonderful woman in our lives for all this time. Addie was so affectionate, so good at munching things, including my finger, such a good cross-country traveller, and so sweet and loving. She had the most pink eyes of any pink eyes, and she could twitch her nose better than anyone I have ever known. Sometimes I called her “Addus,” and sometimes I called her “Adelaide,” because no beautiful woman should be named Atticus, “Addiekins,” and sometimes I called her “Addie-boobaladdy” because she was very silly. She loved all the nicknames and thought I was fantastic. She was pretty fond of Sophie too. She was always very good at eating things, but last night she just didn’t seem to want to, but it was pretty late. This morning I found her, sound asleep with her little eyes closed, but she did not seem to want to wake up. So I guess she took the dreamland boat across the rainbow bridge to Guinea Pig Lettuce Paradise, where all the Romaine is cold and crunchy, and all the baby lettuce and carrots are purple.

Later today we will help her rest under a mini Christmas tree.

Bye bye Love; I’ll always treasure you and miss you.