I wanted to share the originator (as far as I know) of the motto “live cheap make art” with you: Rosemary.

Rosemary is someone I used to know in real life (still do; we’re just not local)!

I adore her art, and she also has a wonderful book!

If you have ever had a dream of creating beautifully illustrated memoirs or journals, check out Rosemary.

If you have ever wanted to chuck it all, and go liver where you wanted and do what you really want to do, check our her book!

And if you just want a lovely piece of art to hang in your house, take a look at Rosemary’s art.

3 Replies to “LIVE CHEAP MAKE ART”

  1. Thanks so much for the great plug for me and my work! That phrase came from a time when Bob asked me what I wanted to do when we retired and I said “I just want to live cheap and make art.”!


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