“Take lots of photos of the conference,” Dave said. Here they all are; see them?

I failed miserably at the one task to which I was assigned. 😦

But, regardless, I have had a wonderful day, photos or not, hearing so many great book ideas, and everyone is so warm and friendly. And the Atlanta Writer’s Conference is managed down to the smallest detail by people who care about these writers, and are giving them the best damn experience possible. There are a lot of conferences out there, but this one truly seems to be about helping writers sell the work to publishers or agents.

I sat on a panel, and took some query letter meetings.

Of course, I meant to write “query letter meetings,” as I did above, but at first I typed something like “bloated radish,” I am definitely exhausted, I now realize, because I wrote “bloated rabbit, and I’m falling asleep, So, more soon!

Woo! Asleep again. Better stop now. Conference comes early.

Excuse this if it is garbled. I will check it in the morning!

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