I’m sure it must be nice to be John Stewart. Presumably happy marriage, retired from successful career, buckets of money, can live wherever he’d like whenever he’d like.

But, I guess, it’s not enough.

I guess, periodically, he misses playing the old part, and shooting his mouth off in the old indignant way.

Don’t miscast me as a hater. I used to be a big fan.

And I don’t even think of him now, and I guess a lot of people don’t, and I guess, from time-to-time, that must sting a bit, being forgotten.

Maybe he thought he left them wanting more, and maybe they just slotted someone or something else into his spot, like his much more genuine buddy, Colbert. That guy I really think cares. Stewart? Not so sure now.

He came out recently on Colbert to treat the lab-leak version of the Covid origin as fact. He treated it like 100% if you’re not an idiot you know I’m right fact. How disappointing.

Disappointing because he doesn’t 100% know he’s right.

Disappointing because what is the point??

Is the USA going to kick down the doors of the Wuhan lab now? Will Biden punch Xi in the face and call his mother a name? Tell us, Stewart, what difference is your assertion going to make?

When a liberal guy throws around unproven conspiracy theories, is it any different than when a Republican does it?

If it is different, I don’t get it. Explain it to me like I am actually the idiot you seem to think I am.

In the meantime….

I am living in a part of the world where people are happy to pick on others due to their race, and I am raising a Chinese daughter.

If the lab leak theory is proven, well, I’l have to deal with that, then.

But, for now, do any Asian-Americans really need more fuel thrown on the fire?

Until you know for sure, shut-the-fuck-up John. The Asian-haters don’t need an assist from you.

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