I’m putting the brakes on my overnight fast…. brakefast! Spell check keeps trying to fix it. LOL

Just for the curious, the red stuff is ajvar.

I think it was in HS French class that I learned that in other places breakfast food isn’t a thing, meaning they eat all kinds of food for breakfast that white Americans like myself would not typically consider breakfast food. I noticed, the times I was lucky enough to be in Europe, that breakfast was more of an on-the-go meal, something quick, a pastry and coffee while walking to work, a quick yogurt, something designed to power-up a person, not really something to linger over, like dinner.

When I lived in Los Angels and went to the actual Vietnamese pho shops for breakfast, I noticed that the Vietnamese patrons ate their pho in seconds… compared to my pace. It was steaming hot; they added hot sauce, and they slurped it down and were out… leaving all the broth behind.

I perceive the USA as not being the most morning-achiever place. I think we tend to go slow in the morning and stay up late. But maybe you vision us differently. What do you think?

I see us lingering over loaded plates of eggs and meat and bread or pancakes…. carbs and fat, carbs and fat.

I like to be up early.

And I like unusual (for Americans) breakfasts.

And though I like to linger over coffee, I like to get my work in early in the day.

But that didn’t happen until post-motherhood. LOL. My kid was a morning person, so I am too!

Does your breakfast slow you down, or get you going? Though I love oatmeal, if I eat it in the morning, I need a huge carb-nap. When I was a kid my whole family loved oatmeal, and we ate it for dinner instead of breakfast. Cheap and easy way to feed a lot of people, and it was great. Tired me out then too, but it was bedtime anyway.

What’s on your breakfast plate today?

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