Taught my very first Outschool class today, and many thanks to the lovely young woman who chose to take it.

This is an ongoing class, so she may be back next week….

Only one student signed up, and classes are supposed to be 4 or more I believe, so many teachers will cancel (and have cancelled on Sophie!), but I think it always better to start small, and even if it stays small, it can be okay.

The class I taught today had to do with creative writing, and the young woman who took it had some amazing ideas, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And this is, actually, the most beautiful part of teaching… you interact with someone on something that you know a lot about that he or she wants to learn about, and you share between you your ideas. Great fun, and no grades. Yay!


  1. Thank you for your service as a teacher. You did your part in showing up. You cannot control how many students show up.


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