Ahhhh, Facebook… more landmines than people.

Recently on a local FB group, “I Love Lewes,” someone asked where to buy appliances and I replied that, given our two main choices, Home Depot or Lowes, I buy from Lowes as Home Depot supported Trump.

BAM! I was frozen out of the group. Why? Because in Slower Lower Delaware, they love them some Trump.

AND I just found out today, thanks to Eastern Sussex Democrats, that a woman is running for school board who thinks that Black History is a Marxist plot.

Her name is Ashley Murray, and she’ll probably damn win. Her signs are all over my small town. If she wins she’ll be in office for 5 years.

I just want to give mad respect to all the liberal kids out there who graduate from college and move to red states or red areas and work to slowly turn them blue. It is not easy being blue in a red hot zone. But, if we don’t stand up, if we don’t shop with our vote in mind, and educate with our vote in mind, and live, always, with the affect our choices can make for better, or worse, on the world, on those who have less voice, are we really being good citizens of the world?

But, I confess, it can be exhausting.

And there is a reason all the expensive and fun places to live vote blue.

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