Like your first love, there’s something about your first book.

I’m not saying this is our best book ever, but the horror in it is actually pretty good. This was just written by the members of the Milton Workshop at the time, and we were all trying to hit one out of the park. It made me realize I have an affinity for horror stories. Lord knows, between teaching to pay the mortgage man, homeschooling, running DPP, Editing ( stories, books, etc.), and reading through the “slush pile” (industry term, not mine), the amount of time I get to write is precious little, and, actually, contrary-like, I have more ideas and motivation than ever!

Anyway, this is a little gem. The stories in it are pretty unique and different stylistically. And it’s inexpensive! A great horror buy! And a must-have for a DPP completist! Buy one! You know you want to!

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