This book was written by my friend, David Dutton. I never would have met David had I not moved to Milton, and started a writing group. And, had I not done that, I never would have started publishing.

David, more than anything, made me want to publish books. David is a deceptive writer. His books are like good booze, they go down so smooth, and then they wallop you. Things happen in this book, things of the not-good-kind. And if you read this book, you will find yourself complicit, reading along like floating on a gentle river, effortless. And then, you will realize that you just casually accepted things as right and appropriate that you never should have. And you are left to look at your own ideas of right and wrong.

That deceptive writing continues in his new book, DNA, coming out from Out of This World Press late summer of this year. And he has a blog where he is serializing another book, this one a nifty little horror story that you won’t even realize is horror. You will find yourself knee-deep into it in a hot minute though. Perfect if you’re scrolling blogs trying to avoid work. 😉

In the meantime, get yourself a copy of One of the Madding Crowd, DPP’s best-seller to this very day.

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