IF your doctor told you that you could get a shot and avoid getting cancer, would you do it?

Hell yes you would, especially if you’ve ever lost anyone to cancer.

Well, you can do that for your sons and daughters by getting them their HPV vaccine.

HPV is perfectly safe, and I should know, my daughter got hers last month.

At the time, the doctor told me how sad she is when parents refuse it, because it can be so deadly for women, and for men, she said it causes esophageal cancer, which means your grown son will go from being a person who eats food to being a person who is fed through a tube into the stomach. She said that is a horrible outcome for men that she has personally seen many times. Imagine looking your sick adult child in the face and saying, “I could have saved you from this, but I don’t trust vaccines, so, you know, you have to have cancer now. Hopefully yours won’t be too bad.”

It is shocking to me, simply shocking that people do not give their kids every possible vaccine they could. IT IS YOUR JOB as a parent, and it is giving your child a gift that your parents, depending on your age, were not able to give you, but heaven knows they would have if they could have.

When I grew up, I knew people, older than me, who showed the effects of polio, shingles, and measles. I would never let my child take her chances when I could prevent it, when I could save her and keep her safe.

HPV is safe, and it is a life-saver. Get your children vaccinated, both boys and girls, at their next wellness appointment. And if you don’t, figure out how you’re going to explain to them why you left them vulnerable to cancer.

Not to be harsh, but this should be a no-brainer.

As an aside, kids vaccinated with HPV prior to becoming teens (9-12 approx) have a better immune response than those vaccinated later (but still give it to your kids, at any age). AND, HPV vaccination does not mean you are in favor of unprotected sex or premarital sex. It just means you care about your kids.


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