Unfortunately, part-way through the production of this book, David was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He lost his battle within weeks of holding the published book in his hand, and we have one precious autographed copy. But, you know, it is a great book and we were not going to let the worst part of aging stop us from putting it out there. The saddest bit is that, without David around to “hawk” the book to friends and family, no one buys it, so it remains the DPP-secret.

We were fortunate enough to go to David’s memorial service, and one of the things his family did there, as per his wishes, was to empty his bookshelves, so anyone who attended was welcome to choose any of the books David loved to read, and take it home to remember him by. That was a great tribute to a true man of letters.

Breezewood is a great tale, aa befits a newspaper man who loved to read.

Check it out.

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