I really have a fondness for plain yogurt (didn’t I say, last month, that I was a dork?). I really dislike the sweetened kind with fruit in it. Blech! It always has an aftertaste IMHO. But the plain I quite like, and, of the plain, I prefer homemade, because the texture is better, and the “tang” is lighter, slightly less sharp.

This was made with one 1/2 gallon of lactose free whole milk, and two little containers (5 ounce) of Chobani plain (only plain Greek style I can get in my neck of the woods, and not my favorite… so, another reason to make it). My finished product came out both silkier and tastier than the Chobani. How did I make it? Cooked the milk in this pot on medium-low until it was just about ready to do that woosh-boil-over thing, and then turned it off. Let it sit on the stove until it dropped down to 115 degrees (yes, I own one of those thermometers you can stick in hot liquids), then stirred in the sacrificial Chobani “starter” and covered the top with foil. Put the pot into the oven (which was not hot) wrapped in a dishtowel, and put the oven light on. Left it in there from about 2pm to about 9 am the next day. Spooned it into jars and put it in the fridge. Delish!

I typically put plain yogurt on things that are too spicy for me on their own, like Indian food. But what I also want to do is just eat the yogurt, because it is sooo good for me, and I like the taste. But a big bowl of plain yogurt has the difficulty of not feeling like a meal.

This morning I stirred in fresh ground salt and pepper, and then some leftover rice that was in the rice cooker still hot. It worked. Delish!

How do you eat plain yogurt that does not involve fruit or sugar? Think savory, and give me some ideas please.


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