Dave an I are more than pleased to announce that Devil’s Party Press is (sort-of) officially OFF hiatus.

And the first thing we are doing as we return to publishing is announcing our first new imprint, Gravelight Press, all scary, all the time.

To launch the press with a bang, we’re putting out a super secret anthology we didn’t even tell our friends about, and, to herald this marvelous anthology, we have a special guest to introduce to you. So read on:


Renowned Kansas Book Critic Jeffrey D. Keeten Provides Introduction to Delaware Horror Publisher’s New Release


We are thrilled to announce that Jeffrey D. Keeten will be providing the introduction to our first release, Exhumed: Thirteen Tales Too Terrifying to Stay Dead. A prolific critic of film and literature, Keeten is among the top five reviewers on Goodreads, the largest site for book reviews in the world. A graduate of the University of Arizona and current resident of Dodge City, Kansas, he has published more than 3,700 reviews for Goodreads and other sites.


As with DPP, at Gravelight we focus on our mission to provide older authors with publishing opportunities, and we are thrilled to have Jeffrey Keeten who, in addition to being a skilled critic, is also a terrific writer, along for Gravelight’s current book release.


Mr. Keeten and Astra

“It’s exciting to be a part of this collection,” said Keeten. “There are some truly frightening works between its covers.”


Exhumed (ISBN: 978-1-7340918-1-6) retails for $9.99 and features original short fiction by thirteen authors from the US and Canada. It is scheduled to be released on Friday, August 14. For more information and to preorder, visit For more information about Jeffrey D. Keeten, visit



Media Contact

David Yurkovich



  1. So Is this a new anthology? Sorry I didn’t see a deadline or announcement – must’ve gotten by me. Or did you say you didn’t tell friends? So not sure who’s in it and how they knew about it. I trust it will be scary.

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  2. Good luck w/this new venture. I really hope it helps expand the reading audience and import of DPP. Realized in my last email, I missed the fact that it was coming out in a few days. Fingers crossed it makes a big hit. J

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