I offer you this photo in case you, like me, tend to make pod coffee.

A recent study showed that not using a filter can increase our risk of bad cholesterol.

But pod coffee is fast and delicious, so what’s a girl to do?

Easy-as-pie… use a drip brew top of any kind, just elevate your pod machine a bit (I used a plastic food container), et voila! My drip top even has a hole to drop in sugar cubes, and the filters are the unbleached recycled ones. Win-win! Throw the filters in the composter. Now if only the pods would become compostable!


  1. I know you’re in love with “fast and convenient,” but there are reusable pods on the market, which you can fill with your veryownspecial blends of coffee. Yes, you must fill and clean the pods, and you can’t just “pop a pod and go,” but if you’re using a Keurig and jury-rigging a filter AND a drip cup, it could take less time to just use a drip cup and filter in the first place. And it would be CHEAPER and more environmentally friendly.


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