Last night had my first very British drink, the G&T.

I should actually say that I had my first since…

that one time, in the 1980s, with Renee-and-parents at Cozy Morley’s. The time, as said, was the late 1980s. Renee’s parents were fond of going to CM’s place, and, though we weren’t technically old enough to drink, Ren’s parents declared that it was cheaper for us to drink G&Ts (you brought your own bottle and got a “set-up” from Cozy’s crew) than sodas, as sodas were like 2 bucks a pop, to discourage tea-totaling I am sure! I remember I asked for a twist of lime in mine, and I was mightily sick the next day. Sometime the following afternoon Ren and I went out and got wonton soup to try and keep something down, and I think it worked, but I never had gin ever again.

Until now.

I remember the 1980s gin being something like Gogol’s gin, but that can’t be right, can it? And I also remember it tasting like cologne with lime in it.

Todays G&T was made with the ingredients you see in the photo. I tried it first without the added shrub, then added the shrub in because I’ve always wanted to try a shrub.

Both versions were mild, clean, and tasty. It was a lovely drink, and though I don’t drink a lot, being on social distance lockdown has led me to imbibe a bit more than usual. If I had to guess, truly, I would say that usual is every other month. I’m not good with wine- major sinus issues, and I don’t enjoy the taste. I love beer, but fat and gas. So, when I drink, it tends to be a cocktail. Some of my favorites are something called a pickleback, the classic rum and coke, a whiskey sour, a margarita, and, perhaps my favorite, a Bloody Mary.  I’m sure there are other drinks I wouldn’t kick out of bed for getting crushed ice on the carpet, but hey, those are the ones that come to mind. And now I can add a G&T.

I’m trying, while stuck at home, not to do anything to excess, but on the nights I feel myself obsessing about things that are not in my control, it’s good to have a distraction.

Another thing that has given me much needed distraction from the stresses of shut-down life, YouTube. Sometimes I’ll just get a song in my head, and instead of asking Alexa, I’ll find it, performed, on YouTube, and my mind floats away.

Last night was one of those nights. And so I floated the ol’ bean away on the following great videos: Chest Fever (I couldn’t find a live one that sounded as good as the studio to me, I guess I’m just so used to all the twists and turns of the original score!) Strange Magic (so dreamy… good for just before bed!) While My Guitar (amazing!, and so many of the great ones are gone… Harrison, Petty, Prince… sob!), and Prince @ Cocahella!Are you kidding me? So great. Troubles, be gone!

I am grateful that I am, overall, a pretty happy person and fairly good at being home a lot, but sometimes those moments hit us all. For me, it was especially being told I have to wear a face mask now if I go out. I do not like them Sam-I-Am. Blech! Much respect to the people who wear them every day as part of their jobs. I know I never could have gone into medicine for sure!

How are you coping with your tougher moments?

Much love and peace to all….

PS. on a funny side note, sometimes the dog farts in my office, and it is a small room, so, phew! To help, I often light a candle. Well, look what happened when I tried to get some “peace”:


No peace for you!

“But if you wanna be my spouse, you better get to that shore house….”




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