Here at DPP, we don’t want your money on giving Tuesday.

We want what all writers want… to be read.

How do you let a writer know you read his or her book?

You write a review.

I’ll never forget… soon after MOSQUITOES AND MEN went on sale author Mark Polo said to me, “Someone read it! Someone in Texas read it, and she wrote a review!” He was thrilled. If Amazon allowed him to have her email or address, he would have written her a thank you note. If she was local, they’d be best friends by now.

It’s not the purchase; no one is getting rich off of their books if they’re not at the level of Stephen King, but, also, let’s be frank, Stephen King doesn’t care if YOU read his book or not.

We do care.

We need you to help out our writers by letting them know that, yes, they should write; their words matter to you; you are reading.

So, this Giving Tuesday, while everyone wants you to empty your wallet, we are asking only that you take a moment to leave a review, on Amazon or Goodreads, to let our writers know that, somewhere out there in the big wide world, maybe in Texas, someone is reading.

Thanks so much for your support for the continued artistic lives and creations of older authors.

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