halloween 19

Thought I’d share my poem with you for Halloween! Don’t get too scared. 😉

Razors And Apples For My Love

Razors and apples, Dear, treats so unique

they carve they some happiness into your cheek.

Kisses of chocolate injected with strychnine

a dearest depart for my sweet valentine.

Another delicious thing cause you to swoon 

to be disemboweled by the light of the moon.

So silly, when you said, “You’re not in my heart.”

when you know, my darling, we never will part.

I love you so truly so deep so sincere

I’ll make for you presents of all of your fears.

On Halloween night, so strong and so brave

our true love will take us both right to the grave.

Razors and apples, Dear, dead flowers too-

there’s no one alive who I love more than you.


When I was a kid, everyone was worried about finding razor blades in their apples. The upside to this is that we stopped getting stupid fruit when we went trick or treating. For this, I remain eternally grateful to the psychopaths of the world.

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