IMG_8715I know what my mother would have said, “I don’t need to go camping.”

Well, in all honesty, I don’t need to wrestle with sleep and two sore hips on the hard ground all night, but, c’mon, it’s family time.

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So, we camped, this weekend, our first time doing so without anyone else but the three of us, and Oilver’s first time to camp ever. IMG_9856Oliver has decided that he really really wants to get a squirrel, and he really doesn’t like other dogs, and he really does like snuggling with Mom, and he doesn’t mind sleeping in a tent on the ground. IMG_2041.JPGLucky dog! IMG_1975I slept on top of two sleeping bags and still my darn hips hurt. I think that aging should be reserved for the very young. During the day, when we weren’t walking through the park, Oliver would dig himself a little pit under the picnic table, and lay in the dirt. Still a wild animal in his heart~

We went to Cape Henlopen State Park, which is beautiful.

The weekend before Halloween they always have a trick or treat trail for the kids, so Sophie wore her costume. She is going to be a deer this year (and I didn’t get a photo of that! damn!). I did want to buy Sophie this adorable baseball cap, but she refused to wear it. IMG_9488

It was super damp all week and this weekend, so it was tough to get fires going, but the cheeseburgers were yummy, and the hanging out, just the three (& dog) of us, was a lot of fun.

We successfully erected the tent, took the dog, read the map, and used the compass! We’re ready for anything…. as long as we have coffee… IMG_1382and each other.



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