IMG_4171Hi All (if there is actually an “all” and not just a me!)~

Busy busy lately.

~Finishing up the new anthology with Dave (the hardest working man alive)…

~Helping my mama post her house on Zillow, and the like, so that she can move closer to us!

~Hanging out with Sophie in Philly for a check-up @ CHoP, and since we’re there, we could  NOT skip soup dumplings. We ordered a dozen, as usual, and this time I only got 4, 4 of the dozen. Sophie is adorable slurping down dumplings, and I’m still hungry!

BTW, in Philly’s Chinatown I have to say avoid ViVi Bubble Tea. Every time I have tried to buy a drink there they have been rude (ignoring me) and mean. This time I asked the young guy behind the counter, after he sighed loudly over my request, “You don’t like me?” and he replied, “No. I don’t like you.” Wow. and OUCH!

I can recommend Tea-Do. They are always nice to me there, and they have cà phê sữa đá (I pronounce it cah-fey-sue-dah), which is probably my favorite coffee selection on earth.

Sophie, who used to be my green-tea-buddy, only wanted Gatorade. Blech!

In any case, my girl and I love love love Chinatown and our Chinese food, especially xiao long bao (see-ow lum-bow) – 小笼包 !

And, of course, driving in and out of Philly from my mom’s house we always pass the most amazing house in Philadelphia. If you’re gonna live in Philly, this is the place:


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