IMG_4171Hi All (if there is actually an “all” and not just a me!)~

Busy busy lately.

~Finishing up the new anthology with Dave (the hardest working man alive)…

~Helping my mama post her house on Zillow, and the like, so that she can move closer to us!

~Hanging out with Sophie in Philly for a check-up @ CHoP, and since we’re there, we could  NOT skip soup dumplings. We ordered a dozen, as usual, and this time I only got 4, 4 of the dozen. Sophie is adorable slurping down dumplings, and I’m still hungry!

BTW, in Philly’s Chinatown I have to say avoid ViVi Bubble Tea. Every time I have tried to buy a drink there they have been rude (ignoring me) and mean. This time I asked the young guy behind the counter, after he sighed loudly over my request, “You don’t like me?” and he replied, “No. I don’t like you.” Wow. and OUCH!

I can recommend Tea-Do. They are always nice to me there, and they have cà phê sữa đá (I pronounce it cah-fey-sue-dah), which is probably my favorite coffee selection on earth.

Sophie, who used to be my green-tea-buddy, only wanted Gatorade. Blech!

In any case, my girl and I love love love Chinatown and our Chinese food, especially xiao long bao (see-ow lum-bow) – 小笼包 !

And, of course, driving in and out of Philly from my mom’s house we always pass the most amazing house in Philadelphia. If you’re gonna live in Philly, this is the place:



SWYSOh my gosh, I just realized I never shared my appearance on the wonderful podcast, So, What’s Your Story, from Saltwater Media.  Saltwater Media is run by Stephanie Fowler, and Stephanie also helps authors publish, in addition to hosting this great podcast with co-host Tony Russo. They are both very generous with their time, and I cannot thank them enough for having me on the show!

This is a good listen if you are curious about the “why” of Devil’s Party Press.

Dianne Pearce on SWYS