The semester began with a bang this week, as I was not finished anything I needed to finish for my prep, due to teaching new courses, administrators or program chairs who get things done after the last minute, and an internet crash that wiped all the classroom platforms clean.


I’ve been trying to catch-up ever since, and am feeling very short on sleep. And like I need a day off! Already.

Plus there is the new Halloween anthology to edit.

And then on to Judith’s book.


And I am so glad I quit the Chamber of Commerce.

And, if I didn’t mention it, I quit the Chamber of Commerce… though it’s been hard to tell as they have not yet left me alone-constantly bugging me.

Now, that I quit, now they want to talk about things with me.

Now they are interested in getting things done.


It is good to try new ventures.

It is equally good to figure out when they’re not working for you and give them up.


I wrote a new poem tonight that I quite like.

Although all this poetry is madness I feel. WTHell, after years of drought, I’m writing poetry… often. Why is that happening?

And I feel like each new one, whether I want it to or not, nestles down into my own elements of style, elements that I now see and recognize quite clearly for the first time in my life, and that makes me wonder if each of them is no more than the same girl in a different dress. Or frock. Wouldn’t it be nicer to say frock? What a word!

Does your writing always sound like you?

Have you ever owned a dress you thought of as a frock? Shades of Caroline Keene!

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