Rainy Day  BUY IT!

And so, of course, I decided to move the furniture around.

Well, you know, the AC was on in the house. It was a tad chilly. Chilly. That’s how spoiled I am.

I thought the curtains might look nice inside of the window frames instead of above them.

I thought the orange curtains might look nice in the bay (bow?) window, rather than behind the piano in the LR (dining room?).

I thought… I thought….

Here is my problem: I have a pole, a beam, a column, whatever you want to call it. My house was created with a two-room first floor, half kitchen, half… other.

In the version I happened to buy there is 1 bay window (some have 2, others none) and, sadly, no fireplace. Because they assume that everyone wants a dining room, my house has these non-exposed beams that sort of square-off half of the “other” room, so, two walls (outside, non-bay window wall, and the kitchen wall), and two beams. And, where the beams meet, a column. Which means that they have essentially divided the front room into two rooms without a wall between them.

I don’t want, need, or use dining rooms.

The kitchen is ginormous.

What to do?

The LR area of the front room is 100% windowed-walls, making it tough to place a TV.

So, we have been using the DR area as the LR and the LR area has been a largely empty and unused spot with a cat tree in it (well, you gotta respect the cat tree. Cat’s need entire rooms to themselves.

And so, instead of finishing my damn novel, I moved furniture, and my husband moved furniture.


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