Rainy Day  BUY IT!

And so, of course, I decided to move the furniture around.

Well, you know, the AC was on in the house. It was a tad chilly. Chilly. That’s how spoiled I am.

I thought the curtains might look nice inside of the window frames instead of above them.

I thought the orange curtains might look nice in the bay (bow?) window, rather than behind the piano in the LR (dining room?).

I thought… I thought….

Here is my problem: I have a pole, a beam, a column, whatever you want to call it. My house was created with a two-room first floor, half kitchen, half… other.

In the version I happened to buy there is 1 bay window (some have 2, others none) and, sadly, no fireplace. Because they assume that everyone wants a dining room, my house has these non-exposed beams that sort of square-off half of the “other” room, so, two walls (outside, non-bay window wall, and the kitchen wall), and two beams. And, where the beams meet, a column. Which means that they have essentially divided the front room into two rooms without a wall between them.

I don’t want, need, or use dining rooms.

The kitchen is ginormous.

What to do?

The LR area of the front room is 100% windowed-walls, making it tough to place a TV.

So, we have been using the DR area as the LR and the LR area has been a largely empty and unused spot with a cat tree in it (well, you gotta respect the cat tree. Cat’s need entire rooms to themselves.

And so, instead of finishing my damn novel, I moved furniture, and my husband moved furniture.



At some point over the last year I decided it was time to become a student again myself. Like a for-real, back-to-college student. And so I did.

Because I am a mom, and a spouse, and an adjunct, and I run a writing group and a publishing company, I decided to go to school through a low-residency program. And I’d decided to become a psychologist/therapist/counselor, whatever you prefer to call it.

From January through May 1st, in addition to teaching about 13 classes at 4 different colleges, I also took 3 classes online through the one community college where I teach, to get my undergrad psychology requirements. And then I signed up for a low-res MA psych program, and then I spent about 12 days at the low-res program in the middle of March.

And now I have quit school and decided not to be a student.

WTH girl?

Well, before I sound like a complete idiot… I had my reasons.

You might not realize it, but to be an adjunct professor, traveling from school to school, can be very very exhausting. Add to that the fact that I always get stuck teaching essay writing, which requires a load of unpaid time spent grading essays, and I end up pretty worn out by the end of the semester. So, thought I, why not switch careers? It would only be my 4th or so time doing it; no big deal, and I am good at school.

However, I realized, after I spent 2 weeks in Vermont at school, and many weeks taking psych courses and buying and reading psych texts, that I just don’t want to do that.

What I want to do, is to be a writer, and a publisher.

I don’t know what is so difficult about this “being a writer” thing that I keep trying to dodge it.

I do know that I want to believe in myself, and work hard, for myself, and run a great publishing company that really help’s older writers find an audience.

And so, I am going to keep being an adjunct for now, and I am going to force myself to be the writer/author I want to be, to finish my damn novel, and to run my damn company, Devil’s Party Press.

What do you do to avoid pursuing your dream? Why do you do it?



A wonderful piece from my very first poetry teacher, Chris Buckley:

Chris Buckley


Feeling nostalgic. I had a wonderful time working with Chris. He taught me to like other’s poetry, in addition to writing my own. And I believe I had, at the time, a terrible horrendous perm, so he was extra nice to work with me.

Ahhh…. the past.