2018 is here, and I noticed, as I reviewed my blog thus far, that I have a post called “How to Start a Workshop and Keep It Going.” I am having no trouble with that, but I need one from someone else on how to start a blog and keep it going! The truth is I would love to write something here everyday, but I so seldom have the time. Do you suffer from the same lack of time? Should blogging be my NY resolution? Does anyone keep NY resolutions?

For me, I need a bit of privacy and quiet to write. I need some time to sit in my seat and noodle around on the web, and then, get ready to write. I also need not to be tired. I was, once, a night owl, but now I am more of a morning person, simply because I often get up before 5, so by the time my daughter is asleep, I am usually ready for bed too! During the day, when I have some day hours to myself, I often get interrupted by my pets or family in one way or another, or a pop-in from a friend, or even a package being delivered can be enough to set my mind all wonky so that I wander away from what I was doing.

A member of my workshop recently said that writers don’t choose to write; they have to. Ugh! then I am definitely not a writer!

It’s Michelle Obama’s birthday today, and I just read that she was twice discouraged from applying to the colleges she attended. Who or what discourages you? Aside from my workshop group, I typically do not ask for feedback on my writing because feedback is very subjective, even from the greatest writer ever, and because I do not want to invite myself to be discouraged. Margaret Mitchell (author of Gone With the Wind, which I have read many times!) is said to have written many books, but burned all of them but GWW. Well’p, if that’s true, then she only has one book. The ones you burn don’t count. And so I do not open myself up too much to criticism, because writing is hard, and finishing is harder! Don’t burn your work, or ever allow someone else to burn it.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the day Carol Channing first starred in Hello Dolly on Broadway.


After over 2500 performances by Carol, Hollywood gave the movie role to Barbara Streisand. Oh Carol! Babs probably had bigger name recognition. But who can do Dolly like Carol? No one. Even the very successful can lose their rightful recognition due to subjective concerns. When people don’t recognize your gift(s), and you know, with no narcissism involved, that they should, simply “… raise your little hand and whisper ‘So long Dearie; Dearie should have said so long so long ago.'” BTW, I saw Carol as Dolly at the Valley Forge Music Fair, in the round! She was fantastic, and too big for the place.

And so, let’s make 2018 the year that I think I am good enough, and you think you are good enough. I will try to blog more regularly, and I will respect me for what blogging I do accomplish. How will you love yourself this year?